Thank you to everyone who came by our booth this weekend at West Fest. We shared stories, gave hugs, trained people on naloxone and brought awareness to this crisis affecting so many. 
“The table we had at west fest this weekend was next to a booth selling crystal jewelry. The ladies running it didn’t realize who we were until we were wrapping up.
One had lost her sister to overdose just a couple weeks ago. Yup. We all cried. After talking a bit she walked over to her crystals, grabbed one and gave it to me.
She said it had been catching her eye all day from the sun hitting it and no one had bought it. It has a chip out of it.
She said she wanted to give it to me because it’s “healing” from the chip. Reminded me that everything is beautiful, everything is healing – just depends on how you choose to see the beauty in it.
– Brittany
Thank you for helping us channel this tragedy into healing and hope for others, in honor of Matt.

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