Did you use a Matt Adams Foundation Naloxone Kit?

Please Report Your Naloxone Save Below

First of all, if you are here. THANK YOU. You saved somebody’s someone, and a whole family an unimaginable amount of heartbreak on top of giving another human being a second chance at life. You’re a beautiful person and we are so grateful you got your hands on one of our kits.

Thank you for reporting your save. This helps us keep track of resources, where we need to put more effort for naloxone distribution, and helps us in gaining community and governmental support for this program.

And of course, please let us know if you need another naloxone kit <3

Please report your save below, not all question responses are required, so report what you can or choose to at your own discretion. Thank you!

In other words, do you suspect that there anything in the substance that was unexpected? This is entirely confidential but useful so we can raise flags to the community of any tainted supply in the area.
*Not required - you may stay anonymous if you choose
*These stories emphasize how important harm reduction and naloxone distribution programs are and how ordinary citizens can save someone's life if they are prepared and choose to act. Everyone knows the statistic, but we find people can really connect and empathize through stories. We can share anonymously if you want it shared that way as well.