Naloxone distribution is a huge effort we at the Matt Adams Foundation are trying to push throughout the NW Arkansas community. We want to get it in as many first aid kits as possible to save lives when every second counts. Naloxone is the lifesaving opioid overdose reversal drug which gives people struggling a second chance at life, recovery and maybe even to help others through addiction down the line. In partnership with the Central Arkansas Harm Reduction Coalition which already distributes in the Little Rock, AR we’ve been able to secure a steady supply of naloxone and soon will have our own supply of the nasal spray NARCAN.

We know that every life matters. Currently, there lacks proper resources for long term treatment solutions, the problem is growing faster than what is available so one of our main goals is harm reduction, keep people alive, and reduce the destruction that this epidemic is wreaking on our communities. If you, your business or anyone you know would like your own naloxone kit(s), please message us at 479-222-0532. Below are some of the businesses/departments we have supplied to in addition to our individual hotline requests.

  • 7 Hills Shelter
  • Goshen Police Department
  • St Paul's Outreach Program
  • Evansville Fire Department
  • Westfork Police Department
  • Farmington Police Department
  • Wedington Fire Department
  • Magedeline House
  • Littleflock Police Department
  • Boston Mountain Fire Department
  • Barling Police Department
  • Greenland Police Department
  • Nob Hill Fire Department
  • Wesley Fire Department

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