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On September 12th, 2017, the Fayetteville community lost a very special person, Matt Adams, to the opioid epidemic raging across our country.

Today we face the worst epidemic in modern US history. In 2017, 72,000 people, up by nearly 15% from 2016, were lost to overdose, outnumbering casualties of the entire Vietnam War or any other cause of death under the age of 50.

Matt was a gift to the world, in the wake of his passing, handfuls of strangers told us stories of when he reached out to them in their darkest moments, helping them with their own recovery or mental health issues. Homeless, suicidal, addicted he never turned his back on anyone, he was always there to help and lend a kind ear.

On May 19th, 2019 Matt would have turned 32. In celebration of his beautiful life and giving nature, we are hosting a benefit concert at George’s Theater featuring Opal Agafia & the Sweet Nothings, Jesse Dean and Co, Caleb Ryan Martin and potentially others. The event will feature live music, a silent auction, representatives from various groups across the state fighting the epidemic and other surprises to come.

All proceeds benefit the Matt Adams Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit created in memory of Matt seeking to aid others on their road to opioid recovery, spread life saving measures and to fight the stigma for those on this difficult journey. Please join us for an evening of celebration of recovery, hope and love in honor of Matt.


Opal Agafia & the Sweet Nothings

Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings, based in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, embodies the sounds of the Ozark Mountains: a little soul, a little roots, a little rock-and-roll, a little old-timey swing – and a lot of heart.

Spring 2016 brought the release their first studio album, “One Down, Forever To Go.” The group’s second album was released in mid-2018 to enthusiastic audiences in packed venues along the album release tour route, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, and Colorado.

Drawing from many genres, Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings blends the best elements of soul, blues, jazz, gospel, country, swing, and traditional mountain music into a sound that captures the past and boldly pushes ahead. The band’s fan base is an eclectic and broad blend of folks from all walks of life, stretching from across the West, Mid-West and the South, where they have established successful tour routes filled with eager supporters.

Jesse Dean and Co.

Jesse Dean’s blues-rock originals showcase soulful bass lines, muscular lead and rhythm guitar, vibrating riffs and sultry jams. They reflect a blend of influences from Mark Knopfler and Gary Rossington to Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Warren Haynes and Cake. His are edgy songs of the South, smooth and blue, soaked in the sounds of the delta, revved up Texas boogie, richly electric rough-hewn southern rock played solid and clean.

Caleb Ryan Martin

Caleb Ryan Martin has, according to one reviewer, “a lonesome voice and rhythm that can at times invoke a lonesome ramblin’ man sound, a voice that will haunt you with some type of mysterious mountain holler sound, like a banshee singing in the nether woods.” Caleb Ryan Martin, an acoustic bluegrass, folk and roots musician hailing from the Ozark mountains. Looking like a man from leaner and meaner times, Caleb has traveled and played music all across the United States, singing with expressive vocals, playing guitar, and frailing the banjo playing in notable places such as The Grand Ole Opry and the AT&T Stadium. Caleb currently averages 210 shows a year, with no sign of slowing down. In 2018 Caleb won “best acoustic entertainer” of the year during the Arkansas Country Music Awards and was nominated for “best Roots act”.